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External Precinct of London

Croydon, external precinct of London lies on the south side of the city.Croydon is one of the biggest business areas outside of Central London.The present ward was set up in 1965 by the aggregation of the previous province of Croydon with its adjoining locales. Croydon covers an area of about 33 square miles with its populace over 363,378.During the Norman triumph of England,Croydon as a piece of Surrey had a congregation, a plant, and over 365 occupants, as per the records of Domesday Book.

Imperative Modern Region

Croydon expanded amid the middle ages as a business sector town and hub for charcoal generation, calfskin tanning and preparing. By the mid twentieth century, Croydon was an imperative modern region, known for automobile production, metal works and its air terminal.The first open products railroad was started from Croydon to Wandsworth by the Surrey Iron Railway in 1803,followed by Croydon Canal, Croydon Railway and aerodrome in the upcoming years.

Stupendous Shopping Centres

The development in transport system made Croydon emerge as a suburbanite town of London.Croydon’s primary region abutting the fundamental railroad stations was changed by the improvement of office structures and a huge shopping region around Whitgift and Drummond shopping centres.The stupendous shopping centres of Croydon offer extensive goods with moderate prices.Croydon is furbished with extraordinary taverns, bars and nightlifes, an enchanting library and a range of elegant theatres and hubs like Spreadeagle Theatre ,Matthew’s Street Market and much more.Southend, which is closer to the station of South Croydon has some of London's most renowned inns incorporating London Croydon Hotel, Brasserie Vacherin,Aqua and Albert's Table. Croydon has a praiseworthy measure of green spaces like Croham Hurst ,Park Hill park ,Lloyd park and Queen's Gardens.

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Art Centre of Croydon

The art centre of Croydon, Croydon Clocktower contains a museum and the David Lean Cinema. The award-winning Museum of Croydon is a sumptuous venue to explore the glorious past of Croydon. David Lean Cinema was built in the 1990’s to salute the director David Lean.This art house-style cinema hosts the good films of England and the World. The Charles Cryer Studio Theatre located nearby Carshalton, is one of the most famous theatres in the district, offering world class productions.One of the oldest almhouses of Croydon,the Whitgift Almshouses was erected a 400 years ago and gives support to the young and old people.Croydon’s prodigious medieval church,Croydon Minster is a graceful venue to conduct the annual prayer services at the time of December that spread over the UK.The nightlife entertainment in Croydon will not get complete until visiting the Green Dragon.A short walk from East Croydon Station leaves the visitors of Croydon to The Oval Tavern,a humongous beer garden.The trippers can spend their leisure times in Croydon by strolling in the grasslands and woodlands of Croham Hurst.