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Bed and Breakfast London, B&B

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Bed and Breakfast London, B&B

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Autonomous Medical Centre

London’s most prodigious autonomous medical centre,London Bridge Hospital resides by the River Thames gracing above the City.The Bridge Hospital,home of Lupus Centre is known universally for its heart care,malady care, nephritic medication, sensorium, orthopedics and different ranges of intense prescription. London Bridge Hospital offers extraordinary clinical mastery over a wide range of therapeutic specialities, with multidisciplinary groups working together to achieve caliber in medication.An initiative with system of development and interest in all fields of medication supports London Bridge Hospital to give best treatment today. With the facility of 148 beds,all inpatients are suited in single inhabitance rooms, to diminish the danger of disease and thus the clinic's contamination rates are less.

Distribution Center

The Bridge Hospital with its primary treatment hub comprises of five other campus for diagnosis.The patients can easily access these diagnosis centres in appropriate time with the assistance of expertised doctors. The Chamberlain's Wharf campus, which shares the vicinity of the main building presently, was assembled as a distribution center in the 1860s.Before refurnishment,the site was used as a warehouse and St Augustine’s Abbey inn,now as the main diagnosis hub of the Bridge Hospital.

Departments in Bridge Hospital

The Department of Cardiology,St Olaf House was constructed in 1931 as the Headoffice for Hay's Wharf.The renowned architect,H.S. Goodhart-Rendel, modeled this building. St Olaf House had been involved for a long time by the notable St Olave's Church and remained so upto 1928,restored now as a huge tower. The Outpatient vicinity and department of Physiotherapy of the hospital,Emblem House incorporating Denmark House were perched in 1900.The Cancer diagnosis centre and Women’s care centre of the Bridge Hospital,N29-33 Tooley Street, which were erected by 1860 as shipping hub. After 19th century these hubs were fronted as four-storey structures and later replaced as warehouses.

Cheap Hotels, near Bridge Hospital

Commemoration Festivities

As a feature of the 25th year commemoration festivities, London Bridge Hospital decided to bolster a nearby philanthropy, Connect.The people affected by aphasia is soothed by the Connect charity.Other than Connect,charities that is being benefited by the Bridge Hospital are MacMillan Cancer Care,the Haven,the Big Toe and Breast Cancer Center.The hospital comprises a group of nurses for variant departments like urology,diabetes,chemotherapy,acute pain,palliative care and dialysis to offer the best care for the patients.

London Bridge Hospital takes an interest in a thorough quality project to guarantee Clinical Governance. The review of clinical results and accommodation of information to national databases permits examination of the doctor's facility's outcomes with other social insurance offices. London Bridge Hospital has been honored a five stars rating for its nourishment cleanliness for the second time. London Bridge Hospital has been crowned by People Gold award and Liang & Buisson awards for its caliber in medical practices.The advanced technologies used up here are TAVI,SenseiTM ,Robotic Catheter System,Intraoperative cell salvage,Interventional Radiology,3T MRI Scanner and CT/SPECT.The hospital maintains and enhances its healthcare standard using audits like MCO,NJR,NCEPOD,ICNARC-ITU and is accredited by Commissions of Care Quality, CHKS,ISO CSSD.

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